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About Us

The Glenview Education Foundation, more commonly known as GEF, is a non-profit, volunteer-driven fundraising organization of District 34 parents who believe incremental private funding is critical for supporting a high performing public school district. Since being established in 2001, the GEF has invested more than $3,000,000 to fund innovative and high impact pilot programs across District 34. 

Mission statement

We believe in public education.  Our mission is to advance excellence across all District 34 schools through supplemental private funding of high impact initiatives.

​Meet the GEF Board


Executive Committee

  • Becky Borree, Chair

  • Catherine Gray, Vice-Chair, Grants

  • Betsy Nelson, Treasurer

  • Megan Share, Secretary

  • Brenda Raccuglia, Grants Co-Chair

  • Lori Poticha, Communications Chair

  • Rahul Sharma, Fundraising Chair - Business Development

  • Susie Garman, Fundraising Co-Chair - Events

  • Ellie Peterka, Fundraising Co-Chair, Events

Committee Members

  • Katie Casey

  • Mandy Dombai

  • Jennifer Ehehalt

  • Linda Felter

  • Lindsay Ferber

  • Kristen Fox

  • Cynthia Garcia

  • Jim Garcia

  • Jessica Gebauer

  • Amanda Gordon

  • Bridget Hogue Costello

  • Katie King

  • Mary Ko

  • Rebecca Lynch

  • Gil Mathews

  • Laurie Moll

  • Rob Nanney

  • Kai Oputa

  • Lisa Pavic

  • Erin Rasler

  • Kellie Sadens

  • Patricia Scarampi

  • Tejal Shah

  • Joanna Soupos

  • Dan Vosnos

  • Rebecca Zappoli


Advisory Board

  • Julie Moon

  • Maria Gordon

  • Alex Kamilewicz

  • Jennifer Havill

  • Megan Spathis


  • Dane Delli, D34

  • Brian Engle, D34

  • Cathy Kedjidjian, D34

  • Vasilios Soupos, BOE

  • Nan Ross-Meridith, GEA

Join the Board


GEF could not exist without District 34 parent volunteers! Consider joining the board and becoming a part of what makes District 34 so special.


Each spring we begin recruiting board members to fill various roles the following school year. Contact us to learn more about joining the board, what it entails, and roles that may interest you. 

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