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Individual Donors

Thank you to all the families who have donated to the Glenview Education Foundation this year! Your support allows GEF to fund educator grants that drive innovative and high impact pilot programs for all District 34 schools. 


Still need to donate? Donate online or read about other ways to give. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

2022-2023 Recognized Donors

Doctorate Level - $1,500

Rebecca and Michael Borree

Whitney and John Langas

Debbie Plager and Alex Kamilewicz

Mary and Jason Ko

Betsy Nelson

Rebecca and Matthew Richards

Elise and David Mcgee

Margo and Andrew Webb

Masters Level - $1,000

Morgan and Wali Azim

Julie and Bryan Brisch

Kevin and Katherine Casey

Jaclyn Sara Deppen

Brian M. and Colleen R. Engle

Jonathon and Linda Felter

Kristen Fox (Raucci) and Michael Fox

Maneesh and Prasanthi Gandhi

Susie and Mitch Garman

Amy Downey and Phillip Gartner

Amanda B Gordon

Jennifer and Damon Havill

Jeremy and Kate Heredia

Erica and Todd Leblanc

Dave and Laurie Moll

Tina Monico and Kris Langager

Krista and Perry Moutzouros

Betsy Nelson

Scott and Jennifer Nelson

Debbie Plager and Alex Kamilewicz

Vera and Brian Pollina

Thomas Pontarelli

Cynthia and Jim Reeder

Megan and Aaron Share

Sanjana and Rahul Sharma

Jori and Samuel Swartz

Rich and Natalie Tilghman

Julie and Bill Varga

Jennifer and Andrew Weller

Meade and Sean Whitaker

Bachelors Level - $750

Elizabeth and Bruce Henschen

Jim and Ellie Peterka

Scholar Level - $500

Jim and Bridget Baumstark

Kolbrun and Steven Fass

Michelle and Jeffrey Folkmann

Catherine Judith Gray

Corinne and John Heggie

Dawn and Adam Hentze

Lindsey and Joshua Holton

Katie and Matthew Jones

Audrey and Simon Lee

Sharon and Michael Mobley

Julie and David Moon

Jessica and Yan Pritzker

Andrea and Dave Rahija

Genevieve and Douglas Schuberth

Megan and Tom Spathis

Mari Viola-Saltzman and Matt Saltzman

Jennifer and Andrew Weller

Friend Level - $250

Naheed Amdani and Fouzan Memon

John and Jenna Barrett

Dennis Bott

Christopher and Evelyn Caliendo

Greg and Nicole Carlson

Whitney and Matt Chango

Jeannie Choi and Shawn Mejdrich

Trent and Heather Clemen

Dan and Megan Costigan

Meghan and Ryan Czechowski

Lindsay and Michael Ferber

Jim and Cynthia Garcia

Michael and Jennifer Gershowitz

Maria and Scott Gordon

Susan and Michael Hayes

Patricia and Kevin Johnson

Jean and Jason Kim

Jennifer and Andrew Kosoff

Grace Lee

Mara Holland Lindsay

Marvin and Jacqueline Lutz

Rebecca and Nathan Lynch

Haley M Hwang and Jung Hwang

Megan and Scott Mcclung

Jana Mechurova and Waldo Herrera

Rhonda and Geffrey Miller

Jennifer and Adam Mitchell

Maureen and Ron Muchowicz

Deborah and Michael Mulroy

Nnamdi and Kai Oputa

Amar and Tejal Pattani

Lori and Eric Poticha

Jennifer and Nick Powell

Tanya Powell and Vincent Wilk

Brenda and Paul Raccuglia

Erin Rasler Novak and Michael Novak

Bill and Tracy Reeder

Chris Rettig-Bowhall

Amy Rizman and Daniel Kaplan

Brenna and Greg Rounds

Buffy Sallee

Deborah and Robert Henderson Sanders

Gregg and Rana Strellis

Shalu Thakral and Dana Johnson

David Tojo and Catherine Russe

Jeanette and Adam Williamson

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