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GEF Presents: Glenview's Got Talent

Congratulations to our Glenview's Got Talent Winners

Over $40,000 was raised to fund District 34 educator grants! 

Thank you to everyone who supported GEF Presents: Glenview's Got Talent. This fundraiser resulted in an amazing show of local talent, two winning acts in three categories, and over $40,000 raised for District 34 teacher grants! 


And the winners are...

Pat & Cat Unplugged

Pat & Cat Unplugged, Pat Garvey and Catherine Rolfes, took home the trophy for Best of Show (audience favorite).

Brass Backwards

Brass Backwards, with a surprise appearance by the Glenbrook South High School drumline, took home two trophies at Glenview's Got Talent! They won the People's Choice Award (most dollar votes) and Critic's Choice (judge's selection). Congratulations to Jim Baumstark, Greg Wojcik, Aaron Wojcik, Dave Morris, and Melissa Read. 

Glenview's Got Talent Photos

Many Thanks!

The GEF Presents: Glenview's Got Talent Co-Chairs, Cathy Cunningham and Jennifer Kramer, would like to thank the following for their contributions to this fundraising effort:

  • GuMichael and Sandra Berman

  • Mandy Chiarieri

  • Dasha Chyslova and Sergey Chyslov

  • Sheila Healy

  • Niraj Jain

  • Jimmy Juarez

  • Jim Kendall

  • Dmytro Kosachov

  • John Mazur

  • Scott Nelson

  • Rosa Nevin

  • Jenn Nimke

  • Elena Ryan

  • Terry Sinnott

  • GEF's Board of Directors

  • GEF's Business Sponsor Team

  • Lisa Anastasia

  • Mike Holtz

  • Anthony Massaro

  • Rob Weituschat

  • Cynthia Garcia

  • Greg Hughes

  • Kristi Roy

  • Kim and Kurt Shampine

  • Chris Karabas and Denise Mueller

  • Sarah Patt

  • Butch Jerinic

  • TJ Shanoff

  • Mark Maranto

  • Ann Marie Shipstad

  • Matvey Kostukovsky


Thank you to these facilities for providing rehearsal space in preparation for the show: 

  • St. John Brebeuf

  • Center for Ballroom & Dance

  • Rock House

  • Sheila Tully School of Irish Dance

  • Springman Middle School

  • Glenbrook South High School


Additional thanks for these special performances:

  • Elliott From of Artbeat Live for his intermission art performance and auction

  • David & Dania QuickChange for their grand finale performance


The Glenview's Got Talent performers:

  • Sam Ach

  • Jim Baumstark

  • Corrie Carrigan

  • Julie Carrigan

  • Bill Casey

  • Chris Conwill

  • Helen Costello

  • Kaylee Durow

  • Laura Fine

  • Christy Fisher

  • Pat Garvey

  • Regan Gausseli

  • Rachel Gilles

  • Cindy Hackl

  • John Hopkins

  • John Howard

  • Libby Hurley

  • Dmytro Kosachov

  • Liliana LaValle

  • Katie Lawler

  • Cindy Lund

  • Chris Matsakis

  • Samurai McIntosh

  • Dave Morris

  • Stephen Alex Pataky

  • Eliza Perry

  • Jackie Pilossoph

  • Marina Porter

  • Christiana Raqs

  • Melissa Read

  • Catherine Rolfes

  • Tom Rolfes

  • Dasha Rum

  • Cathe Russe

  • Ken Smith

  • Katlyn Swanson

  • Aaron Wojcik

  • Greg Wojcik

  • Mara Wolff

Thank you to all our event sponsors!


Major Event Sponsor

Media Direct Productions is the provider of all audio, video, lighting, and staging for GEF Presents: Glenview’s Got Talent. Without MDP, this show simply would not be!











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