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GEF accepts grant applications from District 34 educators for innovative ideas they would like to implement in their classrooms and schools.

Since 2001, GEF has awarded over $2,000,000 to District 34. 

GEF Grant in Action:
Full Day Kindergarten Open Ended Play

This project provides beautiful, engaging, open-ended play materials for our new full day kindergarten classrooms. Educators have selected high-quality materials to support both free and guided play that aligns with SEL (social/emotional learning), literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts.


Materials have already made their way into Kindergarten classrooms including magnetic tiles, Legos, kitchen items, sensory bin materials, and dress-up clothes/toys. Teachers are rolling play choices out slowly, adding options while observing and providing input for subsequent orders.


Literacy and science items will arrive soon, with selections based on this feedback and observation. The Glenview Education Foundation looks forward to following along as our Kindergarten classrooms are filled with these critical play-based learning materials.

Applying for a Grant



The spring grant application cycle is now closed.  

For assistance with the application process or fine-tuning your grant idea, contact your school liaison or email

GEF Grant Liaisons are available to help:


GEF Funded Grants

Below are some some of the grants funded by GEF over the years. For more information on any grants funded by GEF, please contact  us at


Learning Spaces & Resources

Fine Arts