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GEF accepts grant applications from District 34 teachers and administrators for innovative ideas they would like to implement in their classrooms and schools.

Last school year, GEF was able to award $62,808 in grants. $19,573 was awarded in Fall of 2018, and $43,235 was awarded in Spring of 2019. Since 2001, GEF has awarded over $2,000,000 to District 34. 

Thanks to GEF Donors, we are able to fund grants such as the Maker Modules. This program was approved for funding in Fall of 2017 and implemented in the 2018-2019 school year. Today, the Maker Modules program is the STEM curriculum for all students grades K-5 in District 34. Students learn through hands-on lessons in construction, circuitry, and robotics/coding. This is all possible because of our donors. Thank you, GEF donors!

GEF Grant in Action:

Summer School CAMP Supply Kits

This summer District 34 educators created a new and unique program to keep our children engaged in summer learning. CAMP (Create - Ask - Move - Play) was a voluntary remote summer learning camp open to all students in the district.

With most in-person camps closed to students this summer and with many more families experiencing financial hardships, CAMP provided a free opportunity for all students in District 34 to be intellectually stimulated and maintain important connections with peers and educators while physically separated.

CAMP was an opportunity for students to have fun, explore their interests, think and learn. CAMPers built connections through camp counselors, community campfires, teams and friendly competition. It was a family adventure, where learners sometimes worked independently, and sometimes received help or encouragement from parents or other adults. There were a number of real-time connections with District 34 educators for CAMPers each week.

The CAMP program was designed to build on skills students have already learned and to also provide CAMPers social-emotional support. Additionally, the program also provided an opportunity for teachers and the district to get insights for the continual improvement of the e-learning model.

For our students and families to get the most out of this special opportunity, summer learning supply kits were provided to the families participating. These useful kits included drawing and painting supplies, scissors, construction paper, tape, glue, jump rope, dice and even a bubble wand! A total of 520 CAMP kits were assembled and given to District 34 families. GEF provided the funding for the CAMP kits with a special off-cycle grant.

The CAMP project and supply kits showed exceptional commitment from Glenview 34 educators to respond to this summer’s unique circumstances and provide learning experiences for our students well beyond what is legally required. We thank GEF’s sponsors and donors for their continued financial support so that we may continue to provide funding for innovative programs.

Summer CAMP Grant Supplies.jpg
Summer CAMP Grant Distribution.jpg
Summer CAMP Grant Zoom.jpg
Apply for a Grant​


The fall grant cycle is closed.

Check here for the upcoming spring grant application.

Spring deadline: March 12, 2021

District 34 educators are encouraged to submit grant applications for consideration. Grant ideas should be innovative and should correspond to curriculum. For assistance with the application process or fine tuning your ideas, contact your school liaison or email

GEF Grant Liaisons are available to help:


GEF-Funded Grants


Image by The CEO Kid

STEM Day 2019

Spring 2018


Fall 2016

Science Olympiad

Spring 2016

Image by stem.T4L
Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 10.01.50
Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.03.58 AM_ed

STEM Family Events

Spring 2019

Girls Building Robot

Learning Spaces & Resources


Computer Access

Fall 2019

Image by Sam McGhee
Kid's Playing Outdoor
Greer Elementary School Courtyard(1).jpg

Learning Spaces Pilot​

Fall 2017, Spring 2018

Fine Arts


Orff Schulwerk

Spring 2016


Cute Girl in Classroom

Jolly Phonics

Fall 2015

At Risk

Image by Headway
Girl with Bookshelves
Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 4.40.01 PM.jpg
Outdoor Study Group
Image by Anita Jankovic

Ride and Read

Spring 2018


Library on Wheels

Spring 2018

Lectura Encendida

Fall 2017

Ride and Read 2017

Spring 2017

Pack the Sack

Spring 2016

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